At A.L.S. Trading Company we offer a unique partnership experience in the field of mining. Our main area of interest is identifying mining districts in Africa and the Middle East with rich deposits that have high potential to become successful operations. However, that is not where we stop but rather where we begin. Such projects require financial support and infrastructure to flourish. A.L.S. is investing to develop these early-stage mining projects by validating their potential for success. We start by mobilizing a professional team of engineers, geologists, and investors to conduct a thorough analysis of not only the deposit but the surrounding area – we look at community, infrastructure and potential workforce. When a project passes a feasibility study, A.L.S. partners with financial investors that will see the development of the project.

Our mission is to develop a partnership with the communities to create a sustainable, positive impact that grows from the industry. The value offered by A.L.S. is unique because, unlike other investors, the company is there to grow roots and remain with the community along the entire journey. We believe that the community should not be built around the mine, but rather that the mine should strengthen the social and economic elements of the community so that the community can remain sustainable for years after the resources are depleted.